SalesStation delivers the insights you need.

SalesStation is a turnkey solution for outsourced data management and sales reporting built specifically for boutique-to-medium sized asset managers. We deliver the intelligence you need to make effective business decisions—through custom dashboards, an industry-specific managed Salesforce CRM application, or other business systems critical to your operation.

To intelligently distribute your products, you have to know the sources of your daily flows and assets. SalesStation does the heavy lifting that’s required to get your data right, allowing your teams to focus their time on the highest value activities. We provide outsourced data management, relieving your technology and operations teams from the headaches of stewarding your data and researching contact information for producers who are investing in your products. We deliver integrated data through reports and dashboards, so that your executives and sales and marketing teams can quickly evaluate relationships, sales trends, and results.

With SalesStation, your teams start each workday equipped with new insights they can use to take effective action.


Find the right data path: A guide for boutique asset managers

05/10/2022 by SalesPage

As boutique asset managers compete with their peers and larger counterparts, data can offer a competitive advantage. There are a growing number of data sources and technologies available to help you gain and retain the right clients, but where do you start? Here are four steps that will put you on the right path to make your data actionable and valuable for your firm’s sales and marketing efforts.

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New year, new growth opportunities

01/25/2022 by SalesPage

Whether you’re a fan of new year’s resolutions or not, the beginning of the year brings a certain energy and pursuit for personal and professional growth. Many of us are thinking about how we want to grow. From continuing education, gaining a certification, fulfilling a license requirement, finding balance and happiness with work/life integration, or enhancing skill sets and teams to tackle specific goals and challenges. To help you map out your personal and professional growth plan for 2022, we wanted to share some recommendations that we sourced from SalesPagers!

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SalesPage and AdvisorTarget partner to deliver advisor intent data to SalesPage clients

11/09/2021 by John Pumphrey

AdvisorTarget continuously captures, profiles, and signals financial advisors’ active buying behaviors based on their daily editorial reading habits on select financial websites like Nasdaq. By bundling their intent data within our Advisor Atlas team data structure you can see searching activity tied accurately to purchase and redemption activity. Provided as a single source that you can input directly to your CRM or data lake, no internal resources are required to bring these multiple, complex sources together. We are excited to partner with AdvisorTarget and to share this news with you! For more details, check out this post.

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SalesStation dashboard

SalesStation benefits

Here’s how SalesStation benefits your executives, sales and marketing teams, third-party distributors, and operations managers:

  • Eliminates investments in costly talent to understand, implement, and manage data feeds
  • Serves up timely, reliable insights into which advisors purchased or redeemed your funds as you start your workday
  • Reconciles and delivers your data in a digestible format that will help you manage your distribution effort easily and more intelligently
  • Enables you to compensate accurately and effectively
  • Summarizes your distribution by channel, territory, or product so that you can analyze and act quickly
  • Integrates data and insights with Salesforce CRM, through an industry-specific managed application, and with other systems critical to your distribution efforts
  • Maximizes the value of your investment in data
  • Helps you mine your data effectively so that you can better serve advisors, increasing your value to them.

How it works

SalesStation captures, processes, and normalizes your advisor data from disparate sources. Once your data is in our warehouse, we augment it with additional sources like Discovery Data. Our stewardship team reconciles your Omnibus transactions and updates your client data with advisor changes. The result is clean, high-quality advisor data that can be leveraged through our library of reports, integrated with a Salesforce CRM managed application designed for asset managers, or delivered to other systems in your organization.
How SalesStation works 
                            How SalesStation works

Outsource data management and act on the best intelligence with SalesStation


Retrieves asset and transaction feeds from transfer agencies, intermediaries, clearing firms, and trading platforms


Consolidates various incompatible data sources into a usable format


Fills gaps in your data with advisor email addresses, phone numbers, team members, and other vital information


Supports custom integration with your critical systems or updates your Salesforce CRM seamlessly


Provides custom and interactive dashboards, allowing you to see your progress and drill down to details


Monitors advisor movement and other changes with sophisticated data stewardship


Facilitates accurate reporting to perform critical oversight through quality assurance.

Partner with us and gain

  • Accurate transaction data for your CEO
  • A data stewardship crew for your IT department
  • Your distribution team’s new best friend

About SalesStation

SalesStation has partnered with dynamic asset management firms for nearly 20 years. In 2020, SalesStation became part of the SalesPage family of products for asset managers. SalesPage helps asset managers use data to connect investment products to the clients who will benefit from them most. The SalesPage family of products includes SalesPage Enterprise distribution data platform solutions, SalesStation outsourced data management, Advisor Atlas team data, and LumaSuite data service. SalesPage’s total value combines our industry-specific solutions, a staff with deep industry knowledge, and a close-knit client community who help guide our product development.